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Eighth International Congress on Clinical and Laboratory
And First National Congress of Basic Medical Sciences and the production of knowledge
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Parmis teb azma offersits services as follows

1-Consulting for Design,Equipment and lab setup
2-Installation and training provided by device sin the lab
3-provide customers needed equipment from the best and most prestigious foreign companies
4-Provide service sin the Laboratory industry-the pharmaceutical industry-Food-Industrial biotechnology, oil and gas industries, chemical and materials

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  Parmis Teb Azma Company
021-44287581-2 , 021-44287914

Parmis Teb Azma Company (Ltd.) has been registeredin 2005 at Tehran. Companies Registration Office with No.294908 - Parmis teb azma with using Experiences and valuable scientific recordof its managers Over the past decade in the public and private sectors and close relationship with several producer companies in the world , Plans to establish effective communication between the needs of local institutions(universities, research centers –educational and factories) and foreign manufacturers. And In this regard, could have even a small stake in Iran's scientific and industrial growth and prosperity.